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Donugol JSC was founded in 1999 through a merger of Rostovshakhtostroy JSC and Donskoy Ugol CJSC. The company holds licenses for Europe's largest reserves of high-quality commercial anthracite.

Its proven recoverable reserves comprise 123.6 million tons, including 96.4 million tons of commercial reserves. The company has its own facilities for advanced beneficiation of raw coal and production of high-quality sized coal. Its own railway stations and all the necessary infrastructure help to ensure smooth shipment of finished commercial products to consumers.

The Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya mine was constructed and commenced its operation in February 2007. It is the youngest coal producer in the European Russia. In the near future the mothballed Obukhovskaya № 1 mine will be put into operation, which will increase the annual production capacity of Donugol JSC to 4.0 - 4.5 million tons of anthracite

1995 year Creation of CJSC "Donskoy ugol"
1999 year Merger with Rostovshakhtostroy OJSC and transformation into Donugol OJSC
2001 year Start of construction of the Sherlovskaya-Oblique mine
2007 year Commissioning of the Sherlovskaya-Oblique mine with a design capacity of 650 thousand tons
2009 year Development of design capacity, increase of design capacity to 1 million tons
2010 year The complex of reception, sieving and processing of ordinary anthracite has been put into operation
2016 year A new horizon "minus" 500 meters has been built, the opening and working out of reserves in the field of the Obukhovskaya No. 1 mine
2017 year The design capacity of 1 million tons has been mastered
2018 year The technical re-equipment of the Reception and Screening Complex has been completed - two processing plants have been put into operation. Production of enriched varietal concentrate has been started
2019 year The construction and phased commissioning of its own Machine-building Department (repair plant) has begun
2020 year The second own railway station for the shipment of high-grade commercial products has been built
2020 year The project and feasibility study of investments in the deconservation of the Obukhovskaya No. 1 mine have been developed
2021 year Construction has been completed and a new inclined trunk with a length of 2.8 kilometers and a new AVR-22 main ventilation fan unit have been put into operation. The Sherlovskaya-Oblique mine has been transferred to a more stable suction ventilation method

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